Guardson Pro Surface is a revolutionary cleaning and disinfection product with long lasting protection.
The Guardson Pro Surface provides active protection for up to 14 days and prevents the contamination of bacteria and viruses.
The Guardson Pro Surface has been tested and analyzed by the Danish Veterinary and Food administration, as well as in several laboratories in accordance with EN test
standards. Guardson Pro Surface is alcohol free.


Guardson have created a unique Cationic Polymer together with a surfactant and a biocide dispersed in water that provides a sage, powerful and proven ability to kill a huge range of bacteria and viruses.

Guardson’s Patented Polymer is made up of a long chain of large molecular structure, which creates a super strong bond to any type of surface. The bond is so strong, that even with mechanical impact or rinsing with water, the polymer adheres to the surface and provides long lasting protection for up to 14 days on surfaces.


Guardson Pro Surface is a comprehensive product, that helps you keep the surfaces clean and free of extraneous bacterias and viruses. In your home, and the spaces you use and stay in the most, you want to keep it safe and clean. Most households, are frequently in and out of the house to participate in different activities. This makes you more exposed to bring home any kind of bacteria and virus in different kinds of ways. Clean your surfaces with Guardson Pro Surface to prevent spread, and keep the areas clean for up to 14 days.

Health Care

Guardson Pro Surface is specifically designed for environments that require the highest standards of hygiene. The Guardson Pro Surface treated areas, keeps surfaces free of bacteria and viruses for up to 14 days. Whether the bacteria are from food residues, dirt, human or viruses the Guardson is effective against most of them. As one of the only companies in the world, it is documented that the use of Guardson Pro Surface will minimize the spread of germs in the air.

Critical Areas

Guardson Pro Surface is a product that are especially developed to limit the spread of bacteria and viruses in areas with frequent traffic, like airports, train stations, shopping centers, fitness centers, public transport, toilets. All surfaces that are in frequent contact with hands. Guardson Pro Surface creates a protective film on most types of surfaces and stays active for several weeks in eliminating bacteria and viruses.


Guardson Pro Surface works like flypaper for bacteria and viruses, by making the surface highly positive in charge. Bacteria and viruses, that have a negative charge, are then attracted to and trapped on the surface. The bacteria are trapped and held by the permanent charge on the surface. This means the bacteria cannot release from the surface or grow on it, and therefore cannot spread and contaminate the surroundings.

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*Guardson has completed a number of tests and reports according to EN standards. A full list of tests and reports can be send as well as the final tests and reports.


The Guardson Group is a privately owned company based in Odense, Denmark, and was founded to develop solutions and applications within cleaning, disinfection and protection
against bacteria and viruses.

The Guardson Technology was born as an idea in Sweden in 2004, first as Appeartex AB, then Fivewood and finally rebranded as Guardson. The inventor got together a diverse group
of scientists headed by Professor Christer Holmberg at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, and together they created a unique technology never seen before. The company was spun
out and the patents for the technology were filled in 2006.

We offer solutions in areas where bacteria, viruses, mould, oil and bad odor make the environment hard for people and animals to live in.

At the Guardson Group we want to create solutions that are less aggressive to people and the environment without sacrificing the effectiveness. Our products will help you find
solutions for your local environment as well as take a look at the wider perspective. With this technology we are able to move the boundaries of cleaning and disinfection.




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